The buildings and services of Kungla Harbour

Kungla Harbour was finally finished in September 2011. There is a floating quay (ujukai) and a stationary quay with 23 places for vessels. There are also a slip and the fortification of the shore. The quays are equipped with water and electricity posts. There is a reception of bilge water and sewage The harbour captain’s workrooms, WC and shower are in the harbour administrative building. Next to the building is a shed for the boats, equipment and bicycle rent. There are a two parking places for caravans.

The official draft of the harbour is 0.7 metres (actual draft 1.5 metres), the width of the fairway is 20 metres. The 125-metre length of the fairway is the least possible that is dredged for so far that it can reach the natural depth of 1.8 metres. The harbour can be used by small ships, centreboard yachts, and fish boats or ships. Kungla Harbour can receive boats with maximum length of 15 metres, width of 3.5 metres and maximum draught of 0.7 metres.

The reconstruction of Kungla Harbour was endowed by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) small harbours aid programme, Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA), Valjala rural municipality government and the members of MTÜ Kungla Sadam


Spring 2015



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